Yakutia is a rich republic of the Siberian part of Russia. It is rich in gold and diamonds.
Legend says, that when God created the earth, he sent an angel over Siberia with a sack full of riches. As he watched Yakutia, his fingers stiffened with cold, and he dropped everything


The “Baikal” is one of the most enchanting places in Siberia. It inspires with its archaic beauty, inspires people and magically attracts them. The watch of the same name also impresses with its subtlety, elegance and nobility. Their great format and the glass bottom complete the symbolic reference to this natural wonder.


The precious watch “Amber” with natural amber ground is not only a good-looking accessory, but has a beneficial effect on your health. Direct contact with the natural remedy can alleviate headaches and improve one’s mood.

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